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Plan Administration & Compliance

The government continues to push massive tax reform for individuals and business. To enforce this new legislation, the IRS is hiring at record rates in 2021. It is more important than ever for employers to use a highly skilled and qualified administration firms to keep pace with these changes. Valiant Retire takes a proactive approach to designing a plan to meet the employers needs today and in the future. To meet those future needs, Valiant meets with the clients annually to make sure the retirement plan evolves with the employer.

Why is Valiant Retire better?
Large recordkeepers have leveraged technology to do more with less. While that has been good to bring recordkeeping costs down, Human Resources Departments find themselves trying to become an expert in ERISA, recordkeeping software, new legislation, and behavioral finance. Let Valiant Retire fill that void with their experience, knowledge, and personal touch.

Client Centered

Clients Can Expect a friendly designated plan contact to:

  • Proactive plan design and outreach

  • Conducting annual additions testing, IRS 415

  • Conducting annual additions testing, IRS §415

  • Conducting top-heavy testing, IRS §416

  • Conducting coverage testing, IRS §4410(b)

  • Conducting and reporting ADP and ACP testing for 401(k) plans

  • Preparing IRS form 5500 and all required schedules

  • Preparing Summary Annual Report for plan participants

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